Finn Boire
Here are my most recent blog posts!

A Game Jam Retrospective

Looking back on things I could have done differently

Least Squares Toybox

A little silly toy that I've been meaning to make for a little while.

Scraping Websites that Don't Want to Be Scraped

Dynamically rendered webpages are a pain in the butt

Value Hierarchy Mapping

What do we care about?

Modeling Chladni Patterns with Python

Physics modeling is interesting

San Fransisco Sailing


Paper Airplane Schematics

They're so fun to fold!

Voluntary Solitary Pt. 2

I locked myself in a room.

Voluntary Solitary Pt. 1

I locked myself in a room.

Motion Profiling Controllers

Reduce strain on your systems! Only a little math!

First Album Released

Listen if you want

Gratification in Robotics

Perhaps what I've always wanted to see

A Layman's Explanation of Passwords

Originated from some experiences with Shutterfly

Visual To Auditory Conversions

Some thoughts after experimentation

Infinite Compositions of Sine

This originated from an interesting conversation with my math teacher.

[1 Hour of Thought] Gravity being a force

I've been throwing this idea around my head for a while and finally bothered to take an hour to write about it.

State Space in LaTeX

I wrote this to get myself a better understanding of state space modeling and controllers! Worked pretty well