Finn Boire

Value Hierarchy Mapping

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This summer, I wrote a program that takes a set of broad "values" and forces you to make some binary comparisons between them to create a personal hierarchy of values.

I wanted to make this for a while after talking with my dad and some other people about the idea. I've been curious about what our "values" are in a broad sense, and, knowing myself at least moderately well, I thought it would be a good opportunity to identify my own value hierarchy.

It's up to the reader to decide how well the project was executed, but I'm pretty satisfied with it.

I first wrote a pretty basic python script about a year ago, but while at the Recurse Center, I re-wrote it to make it a website, hosted on a prgmr server using nginx. You can see it and take the test here

Since the time it went public, I've had 19 responses. That's not a huge amount, and I only really shared it on RC's private chat, but below will be my attempt to analyze the data, once I get around to it.